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SIA ''EkstraCom''

After training and undergoing the certification process, SIA “EkstraCom” received category one permit (license) No. 1208 for the performance of security guard activities from the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Latvia.

EkstraCom Ltd. has the right to engage in technical security system design, installation, maintenance and repair, as well as provide consultations on these issues.
The respective personnel hold certificates for project development, installation work management and supervision with regard to telecommunications distribution and main cable networks (including ducts and optical cables) issued by the Communications Department of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia.

Ltd. “EkstraCom” employees have considerable experience in the development of various security and access systems. Business security plays an increasingly large role in the world today.
– A business centre must be well protected from unwanted persons entering. At the same time, office employees must be provided easy access to the workplace, as well as parking.
– Apartment buildings must ensure limited access to common areas, but private areas (the apartments) must be ensured 100% security.
Installation of a video surveillance system at sites of every kind has already become an integral part of a building. With the development of technology, different types of buildings should select appropriate video surveillance systems.
– Surveillance in a residential house can be conducted via the Internet or mobile phone, even if the homeowner is at work or on a business trip.
– Public buildings are suitable for remotely operated (moving) and zoom-equipped cameras. This provides optimal utilisation of security staff using video surveillance devices.
– Store chains would be wise to use network digital cameras, which can be used to monitor customer activity at different times.

No house today is imaginable without an Internet connection, which means that every home requires high-quality data transmission networks, providing high-quality Internet that is simple to use. At large sites it would be appropriate to utilise blown fibre optic technology for development of a data transmission network.
This technology provides:

  • an unlimited data transfer rate
  • a simple change of connection for clients
  • fast and inexpensive data network servicing

By installing low-voltage systems, SIA EkstraCom provides efficient systems operation with minimal maintenance costs. We offer design, construction and maintenance of the following systems and networks:

  • Primary and secondary electrical distribution panels
  • Cable-support structures
  • Cable networks
  • Power input and electricity metering
  • Grounding and lightning-protection systems
  • Grounding and lightning-protection systems

Charging Stations is associated with movement, using electricity. Electric bicycles and electric vehicles make up only part of all vehicles powered by electricity. Our goal is to create infrastructure that would help everyone to use these new technologies.
In cooperation with the manufacturer Circontrol, SIA Ekstracom offers a variety of electric vehicle charging stations for households, urban and national infrastructures, as well as their design, construction and maintenance.

  • Home and Public Wall Box charging solutions
  • Smart and Urban Post
  • Quick Charging solution
  • Dynamic Load Management
Charging Stations E-Mobility