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Become our Partner

Do you want your own charger and reach EV drivers?

We can operate it and join your charger to Plugsurfing.

There is many advantages for you as charge point owner.

You make the life of electric car drivers easier. They only need one payment contract to charge everywhere. Our customers love Plugsurfing thanks to its convenience and state of the art app.

EV drivers can easily find your location. They will increase the uptake on your charging stations and will explore commercial activities in the vicinity of your charging station. Just see PlugSurfing App to see how beautiful your charging point can look on PlugSurfing map.

Last, but not least, you will make more revenue.

By joining EkstraCom you instantly open your charging stations to 1000s of electric car drivers across Europe.

And best of all, PlugSurfing acquire the customers for you.

Discover Scan & Charge:
Direct Payment via QR Code

  • Drivers can charge at your station direct from their mobile browser, without a contract.
  • Without incurring extra costs, Scan & Charge can be used on all remote start capable charging stations which are connected to PlugSurfing network.
  • You’ll receive your revenue from EkstraCom directly into your bank account at the end of each month.

Become an operator of your own Charging Stations

Simply Download the App

Charge on the road at more than 60,000 public charging points.