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Billing and Pricing

No subscription fees are needed to use PlugSurfing service. You only pay when using the charging stations.

Regardless of whether you charge at Innogy, ENBW, Allego or stations from another operator, Plugsurfing takes care of the billing for you. You receive just one bill at the end of the month and can get an overview of your sessions at any time on your account page and in the App.

Depending on the owner of the charging station, the prices can be based upon:

Start fee

The operator charges a fixed amount for starting a charging session.

Charging per kWh

The operator bases pricing upon the kWh consumption.

Charging based on time

The operator bills usage based on parking time (for example per minute). This includes parking after charging has finished.

Charging pricing on EkstraCom operated charging station:

Rīgas Industriālais parks

Dzelzavas iela, 120G, LV-1021, Rīga

56.950687, 24.217393

Type2 22kW2x

0.21 EUR per kWh

Opening times: 24h

Access: App, Scan&Charge

Ķīpsala, Enerģētikas fakultāte

Āzenes iela, 12/K1, LV-1048, Rīga

56.951836, 24.078967

Type2 22kW2x

0.21 EUR per kWh

Opening times: 24h

Access: App, Scan&Charge

You can simply scan the QR code and proceed to payment

Direct Payment via QR Code

You can charge at your station direct from your mobile browser, without a contract.

Without incurring extra costs, Scan & Charge can be used on all remote start capable charging stations which are connected to PlugSurfing network.

Mobile Payments via PayPal or Credit Card