Exupéry International School

Date – 2016
Location – Jaunā iela 8, Latvija
Clients – Exupéry International School
Construction – electrical and local area networks

Exupéry International School offers students aged 7 to 16 the Latvian national curriculum, as set by the Latvian Ministry of Education, combined with the very best practices offered by various European and global educational systems. The creative approach of our experienced teachers makes routine education fun and exciting for the kids.
Exupéry International School is about making study fun while maintaining the highest international educational standards.
The school has special classrooms where children can study several subject simultaneously.
We aim to establish friendly relations between pupils and teachers. Small groups make it possible to establish ties, develop a sense of belonging to a very special group. This friendly atmosphere motivates children to learn, be creative and feel confident about what they can do.